Wedding Cake Pricing

Regardless of your budget, Angel’s Food Cakes can create a wedding cake to meet your needs.  Many brides plan their tiered wedding cake to be large enough to serve all of the wedding guests.  If you are working within a smaller budget, you may chose to have a slightly smaller tiered wedding cake and then supplement with sheet cakes to accommodate the remaining guests.

Tiered cake  

$3.50/serving – Includes most decoration, as many flavors as you want, any fillings, and butter cream icing.

Styrofoam layers

small $50.00

large $75.00

2nd styrofoam layer $100.00

Sheet Cakes for Weddings

1/4 sheet serves 24-28  $35.00

1/2 sheet serves 48-54   $65.00

Full sheet serves 80-90   $100.00

Additional fees apply for stacked or filled sheet cakes.

Delivery Fee

Local delivery fee $30.00

General Pricing

General pricing applies to bridal shower cakes, anniversary cakes, birthdays and other special occasions.

Standard Sheet Cakes

1/4 sheet (9×13) serves 20-24   $35.00

16″ large oval serves 25-30          $45.00

1/2 sheet (12×18) serves 40-48  $55.00

Full sheet (17×22) serves 80-90        $100.00


Regular size

Decorated (flowers/ballons..)       $1.50 each      $18.00/dozen

(detailed decoration)      $2.00 each      $24.00/dozen

Gourmet                                                  $2.00 each

Jumbo size

large muffin size

Simply iced                                          $24.00/dozen

Decorated   (flowers/balloons)     $2.25 each      $27.00/dozen

(detailed decorations)      $2.50 each      $30.00/dozen

Gourmet                                                $2.50 each       $30.00/dozen

Sculpted Cakes

start at $3.00/ serving

Hand-Drawn Cakes

based on $10.00/ hour additional time

Additional cost for specialty equipment, silver or gold stand, etc.

Fondant & Specialty Cakes

price based on individual cake design